Advent Episcopal School Birmingham, Alabama 1950
Advent Episcopal School
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Birmingham, AL 35203
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Welcome to Advent Episcopal School. Whether you know us well or are just discovering the Advent school for the first time, you can't help but notice that learning is celebrated at the Advent. Since 1950, this Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade independent school has joyfully lived out its mission to provide a superior, advanced, and enriched education to a diverse student population in a caring Christian environment.   Here, an exemplary group of educators serve a younger generation of learners, skillfully weaving academia, love, spirituality, self-discipline, resilience, respect, and inspiration. Always with an eye to their futures, Advent positions its students to succeed and excel as they begin high school and very quickly, college.
What do children remember? The same thing adults do: the extraordinary. We believe an Advent education is exactly that, and it extends well beyond the traditional classroom, encompassing music, art, athletics, travel, theater, and community service. It grows into intangibles such as confidence, courage, creativity, kindness, sportsmanship, and citizenship. It is both gratifying and heartwarming to see our graduates return to annual events and express their matured appreciation for those who loved, taught, and challenged them and then set them on their way, well poised for the road ahead.
For the 2017-18 school year, we look forward to serving those already entrusted to our care and to meeting new friends who want to learn more about the Advent school. If you are searching for an extraordinary school for your child, I would be delighted if you visited our beautiful campus. I would welcome an opportunity to share a cup of coffee with you and discuss the advantages and benefits of an Advent education.
With warm regards,

W. Palmer Kennedy
Office of Head of School
Palmer Kennedy
Year Appointed: 2013
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Mrs. Lady Anne Buchanan
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Year Appointed: 1990

Mrs. Carolyn Neal
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Year Appointed: 1999