Advent Episcopal School Birmingham, Alabama 1950
Advent Episcopal School
2019 6th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 252-2535

Our Approach

The education that an Advent student receives is accelerated. It is also multi-faceted, exposing our students to fine art, music, foreign language, and critical thinking. Students use textbooks one level above their grade, and the basics that a great education are built upon are stressed. When students graduate from Advent, they are highly sought by the finest local high schools as well as the most prestigious boarding schools. Our students emerge well-rounded, well-grounded, and very well prepared.

Academics That Are Accelerated
We strive to insure that students accepted to Advent are bright and curious. Combine this with an outstanding, very supportive faculty and an advanced curriculum, students who would "coast" through more traditional schooling are challenged to produce superior work. Success here begets even more success.

Liberal Arts Are Stressed
We consider reading as a critical skill that should also be enjoyed. The ability to write well is a must. Meaningful exposures to fine art, music, foreign language, and religion spur intellectual curiosity in young minds that last a lifetime. At Advent, French, Music, and exposure to Art all begin in Pre-Kindergarten.

Advantageous Surroundings
As the only Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade school in downtown Birmingham, we take full advantage of the rich educational opportunities literally at our doorstep. Museums, libraries, and cultural centers are within blocks of the school. Students in all grades also take an exceptional number of field trips across the state of Alabama and even to Washington D.C.!