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Advent Episcopal School
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Upper School

The Advent Upper-School Program
The program fully departmentalizes at fifth grade, and students begin changing classrooms for each subject. All grades receive instruction in French, Mathematics, Music, Science, Computer, Art, and Physical Education. 
Fifth grade undertakes the study of U.S. History. In addition, Literature and Composition - emphasizing the study of the novel, short story, drama, and poetry - begins at the fifth-grade level as does Religion and laboratory techniques in Science.
The sixth grade adds studies in Ancient World History. 
At seventh grade, language arts includes the study of English grammar, vocabulary, composition -- including expository and creative writing -- and literature. Other subjects include Middle Period History and Geography; modern Mathematics, emphasizing geometry and the algebra of points and lines; and basic Physical Science. 
The eighth-grade curriculum includes English grammar, composition, and literature; Social Studies; and Algebra