Advent Episcopal School Birmingham, Alabama 1950
Advent Episcopal School
2019 6th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 252-2535


If you visit the Advent campus, you will quickly notice that art is omnipresent. The hallway walls are covered in art created by our own in-house artists and the offices have beautiful paintings that have been donated to the school.
Beginning their art journey, third- and fourth-grade students learn about various artists and their techniques, and using new techniques and materials in the classroom. Using different materials in creative ways gives the students the opportunity to express themselves while becoming confident in their ability to create art.
As they progress to the upper grades, the program revolves around the student’s creativity and exposing them to even more materials, ideas, and methods. Art history is incorporated into many of the lessons, further exposing the students to different techniques.
Visit Artsonia.com to view more of our students' artwork.