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Extend the Day

The last ringing of the bell at 3:00 does not mean that academics are ended for the day at Advent. For parents who wish for their child to experience additional instruction or receive tutoring from Advent faculty, the school offers a way to "extend the day" with after-school enrichment programs. These programs, along with After School Care, enable working parents to keep their child in a safe and beneficial setting until they are able to be picked up.
Course Offerings
After School Art
Grades:1st - 8th Grade
Days Offered:Mondays and Thursdays
Time:3:30 - 4:30
Cost:$200 per semester
Description:Students attend classes once a week taught the upper school art teacher, Ms. Mollie Everitt

Bible Study
Days Offered:Mondays
Time:7:00 - 7:45 AM

Chess Team
Grades:2nd - 8th
Days Offered:Monday

Creative Dramatics
Grades:Pre-K - 3rd Grade
Days Offered:Thursdays
Time:Pre-K: 2:00 K-3rd: 3:00
Cost:$220 per semester with $35 registration fee
Description:Taught by Birmingham-Southern College. Classes begin January 14. Registration form available in the Advent Front Office

Web Page:View website
Grades:Pre-K - 1st Grade Girls and Boys
Days Offered:Tuesdays
Cost:$56/month, $159.60/tri-annually, or $478.80/yr with $35 registration fee per family
Description:Taught by Children's Dance Foundation. Fall classes begin September 8, and winter classes will begin January 4. Registration is through their Website.

Happy Feet Soccer
Web Page:View website
Grades:Pre-K - 1st Grade
Days Offered:Wednesday
Time:Pre-K: 2:00 K: 3:00 1st: 4:00
Description:For more information, check the Happy Feet Website. Classes start September 16.

Head Over Heels Gymnastics
Grades:Pre-K - 3rd Grade
Days Offered:Fridays
Time:Pre-K: 2:00 K: 3:00 1st-3rd: 3:45
Cost:$385/yr + $25 Registration Fee
Description:Head Over Heels has been helping children gain fitness, gymnastics skills, confidence and self-esteem for over 20 years.  The lasting impacts are the positive learning attitudes, listening and social skills, body awareness and physical literacy skills. Fall classes begin September 14.

Music for Moppets
Days Offered:Mondays
Time:Pre-K: 1:00 - 1:45
Cost:$225 per semester with $35 registration fee
Description:Taught by Jodean Tingle of Birmingham-Southern College. Classes begin on January 11.

Piano Keyboard
Grades:Pre-K - 1st Grade
Days Offered:Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
Time:Pre-K: 2:00 / K: 2:45 / 1st: 3:45
Cost:$325 / semester
Description:Taught by Mrs. Suzanne Phillips, the lessons are once a week. Classes begin September 8 for first semester.

Personal Tutoring
Days Offered:As needed
The school offers private tutoring with Advent faculty. Sessions are arranged through the Tutoring Coordinator. Pricing varies, and is paid directly to the tutor.

Web Page:View website
Grades:Pre-K and up
Days Offered:Tuesday
Description:Yoga encourages kids to explore and develop mind, body, and being. Classes run from January 12 - April 26. Registration on the website.


Grades:K - 8th
Days Offered:Thursdays
Time:K-4th: 3:00 5th-8th: 4:10
Cost:$225 plus $25 Materials Fee
Description:Taught by Ling Ma. Registration form available at Advent Front Office.

Grades:3rd - 5th
Days Offered:Tuesday & Thursday
Time:3:00 - 4:00
Description:Taught by Steven Breedlove. Class begins February 2.  All students will need a copy of Minimus: Starting Out in Latin. Register by emailing Mr. Breedlove at sbreedlo@gmail.com.

French Club