Every parent is looking for a partner when it comes to required at home learning. Advent's Distance Learning Program provides the guidance, support, and structure to challenge students at home so that they continue to excel during challenging times.

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Bringing the Classroom to Your Home

Our faculty utilize both synchronous (students and teachers working together at the same time) and asynchronous (students working at their own pace, not all at the same time) methods of instruction in our Distance Learning Program (DLP) in the event that we are unable to meet in-person. Students continue their learning through individual time with teachers, in small groups, during office hours, and sometimes in real-time. Each division makes different choices within this framework about how best to deliver their content and meet the needs of individual families and students.
We have designed the DLP in recognition that each of our families looks a little different at home. Every household does not have the same access to technology or devices. We have worked to develop a DLP that uses both synchronous and asynchronous methods of instruction in order to meet these collective needs in support of our community and yet foster the appropriate levels of engagement. By providing the necessary flexibility and pacing for families while meeting the needs of an academically rigorous learning program, we have tried to strike a balance.

How We Help

Challenging Academic Content

Our teachers provide meaningful and challenging lessons, assessments, and feedback to support academic learning at home.

Strong Community Engagement

Staying connected with classmates, friends, and teachers is more important than ever during distance learning. We offer a host of opportunities for students to stay engaged with their school family.

Support for the Whole Child

We are committed to supporting the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of all of our students - even from a distance.

If You're Looking for a Partner, Advent Is Here.

Our Distance Learning Program (DLP) Guide is intended to serve as a resource for families as we embark on a new form of teaching and learning. While this guide does not address every question or element of the program, it is designed to provide a clear set of goals, guidelines, and structure as we move forward.

Our Distance Learning Program is available for all enrolled students. Interested in learning more about Advent or receiving an electronic copy of our DLP Guide? Fill out the form at the top of the page!

DLP Overview

Pre-K & Kindergarten

The DLP for our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten program involves a variety of methods and approaches. From virtual storytime and small group lessons to instructional videos and enrichment opportunities, our youngest students have the opportunity to engage with their teacher and their classmates throughout the week. Pre-k and kindergarten students focus on numeracy and literacy skills daily. And in addition to their core areas of study, students participate in French, art, music, library, and keyboarding activities and lessons throughout the week. Daily P.E. and NeuroNet lessons are also provided.

Lower School (1st-4th)

Our Lower School DLP program includes a combination of virtual class meetings, recorded instructional videos, and hands-on activities and lessons. First through fourth grade students study math, phonics, spelling, and reading daily. They also participate in French, music, STEM, art, library, and keyboarding (1st and 2nd grade students) throughout the week. P.E. activities are provided daily. Parents and students in our Lower School work closely with the homeroom teachers to ensure mastery of material at home. Suggested daily schedules are prepared to provide additional guidance and support at home.

Upper School (5th-8th)

The Upper School DLP is a robust at home program that seeks to engage our oldest students utlizing a variety of pedagogies. Fifth through eighth grade students receive instruction in langauge arts, math, science, social studies, French, art, religion, music, and library throughout the week. Lessons and instruction involve live group meetings and recorded videos as well as short and long term work assignments. P.E. lessons are also provided daily. Upper School advising groups also meet virtually once a week and teachers are available for one on one support as needed.

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