We have created an educational environment that is deliberately focused on building a strong, lifelong foundation of seeking. Our youngest students build in-depth basic skills and learn the value of honesty and friendship with guidance from teachers who love them. Our young learners love to explore, observe, and create.

Core Curriculum Overview


List of 5 items.

  • Language Arts

    In Pre-K our learners begin their Advent language arts journey. Our goal is to build confident readers and writers! By the end of the year students master the building blocks of our language by learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet, both in reading and writing. They are introduced to spelling using sight words and word families as well as a systemic and explicit phonics curriculum. Our students are introduced to literature and begin to identify sequence of events and tone in stories. In Pre-K, Advent students work on the mechanics of handwriting and explore the physical structures through which we convey language.
  • Math

    Students begin their math journey through counting, number names, and written numbers. Our younger students also begin classifying, sorting, and grouping objects into categories leading to the early stages of addition and subtraction. Students are introduced to concepts of the calendar, time, measurement and money as they start to build a strong mathematical foundation.
  • French

    Pre-K students are introduced to the French language and culture through song and performance. Students learn how to respond to greetings and follow simple teacher-directed commands. Students also learn to recognize French alphabet sounds. Pre-K students are exposed to French vocabulary through their study of zoo animals.
  • Music

    Pre-K music study begins with an exploratory music class. They learn types of unpitched percussion instruments, basic rhythms, families of the orchestra, and begin to learn how to use their singing voice. They access these concepts through music and singing games, body percussion, and group activities.
  • Art

    Through guided instruction, students work on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, pencil control, and placement in addition to social and emotional development in the areas patience, focus, self confidence, decision making, and imagination. Students work on drawing and cutting shapes and learning how to use different media to create their art.


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  • Language Arts

    Kindergarten students build on the skills developed in Pre-K to become more fluent readers. In conjunction with the phonics curriculum and sight words, by the end of the year students read words with blended sounds, expanding their ability to decode texts. Using readers, students build comprehension skills, like sequence of events and conflict/resolution. And in holding with a value that is important at Advent, our Kindergarten teachers begin to develop empathy in our young readers by drawing attention to character change in stories. Students are also introduced to the concepts of fiction and non-fiction texts. In writing, Kindergarten students learn the conventions of sentence form, heading to first grade with the ability to write sentences with capitalization, punctuation, spacing between words and expressing a clear thought.
  • Math

    Students build mastery of the concepts introduced in the Pre-Kindergarten program including counting, addition and subtraction, geometry, data, and measurement. Students study positions, patterns, classifications, symmetry, solid shapes, time, money, measurement, and greater numbers. In Kindergarten, students are beginning to gain indepednence in their ability to apply mathematical concepts to every day life.
  • STEM

    Students are introduced to the STEM program in the second semester. Students work collaboratively to exercise their natural curiosity about the world around them.Students focus on investigation and exploration through every day science lessons that incorporate Lego-building robots.
  • French

    Students in Kindergarten continue to build on the skills introduced in Pre-K to expand their French vocabulary. An introduction to French culture is made through the study of French breakfast including food vocabulary, table setting, and prayer. Students are also introduced to different French holiday traditions.
  • Music

    Kindergarten builds upon what is learned in Pre-K by learning basic rhythmic patterns through echoing as well as further study of the instruments of the orchestra, learning how to write and identify musical notes, and learning basic musical concepts such as high and low, loud and soft, and basic musical expression.
  • Art

    Students continue working on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, pencil control, and placement in addition to the continued social development of patience, focus, self confidence, decision making, sense, engaging and imagination. Students also continue learning the elements of art - line, color, shape, texture and how life in art consists of these elements.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Specials


All Pre-K and Kindergarten students participate in physical activity during the academic day. Our outdoor playground is designed for younger students with ample space to run, throw balls, and scale the climbing structures. We also have both an indoor and outdoor rooftop gym.


The Explorium, our school library, is available for all students. Pre-K and Kindergarten students have the opportunity to visit the Explorium during the week. Our librarian selects stories to encourage active listening and explores the magical world of literature with our students!


In keyboarding, students focus on the use of a touchscreen and keyboard. Students practice using both of their hands and targeted individual fingers through typing activities eventually working towards using both hands. Students work on typing their name and short sentences in addition to working on timed letter searches.


NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program designed to help students develop fluency in essential reading, math, and handwriting skills.  By combining rhythmic exercise with drills in academic skills children can achieve greater fluency in those skills.


In partnership with the downtown YMCA, our kindergarten students participate in swimming lessons during the fall and spring quarters. Whether it's the first time students are taking formal lessons or they are already a pro, building student confidence in the water is a critical component of our kindergarten curriculum.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum to allow students to experience learning in real-life settings. Throughout the year, students visit the local fire station, the McWane Science Center, Children's Theatre, and the Birmingham Zoo among others spots around town!


List of 5 items.

  • Fire Station One Tour

    Pre-K visits the local fire department during Fire Prevention Week. This trip reinforces our lessons while we study and talk about community helpers.
  • Old Baker Farm

    During our study of the season of autumn, we learn about the color of leaves changing and the life cycle of a pumpkin. We go to a local pumpkin patch so that the students can experience the atmosphere of a farm. They enjoy a short hike, hayride, farm animals, and storyelling. They even get to pick out their own pumpkin to take home!
  • Breakfast with Santa

    This field trip is both a special treat and a valuable learning experience. The students have breakfast in fine dining using the manners and social skills we teach eacy day at school. A special visit from Santa Claus doesn't hurt either!
  • McWane Science Center

    This field trip allows students to explore, identify, and use all of their senses. A special section has been built at the McWane Center for young pre-schoolers, Itty Bitty Magic City. This section allows children to experience "living" in the city.
  • Children's Theatre

    Both Pre-K and Kindergarten students attend three performances thoughout the year. They attend the Wee Folks series designed for young children.


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  • Tuscaloosa Barnyard

    Kindergarten travels by bus to the Tuscaloosa Barnyard where they have the opportunity to pet and feed different farm animals, enjoy pony and boat rides, and a number of other educational opportunities. This is a wonderful hands-on experience with farm animals!
  • Breakfast with Santa

    Students have an opportunity to practice using their best manners during this "fine dining" breakfast experience. They also have a chance to visit with Santa!
  • French Breakfast

    KIndergarten students have a chance to show off what they have been learning in French class by setting the table themselves, hosting their parents for breakfast, and eating delicious French foods. 
  • Birmingham Zoo

    Kindergarten classes visit the Birmingham Zoo in the spring. Students learn to walk through the Zoo as a group with a partner looking at all different animals! Many of the animals they hvae studied during the year are on the tour, but there are always a few new animals to see!
  • McWane Science Center

    This field trips allows students to explore, identify, and use all of their senses. A special section has been built for younger students — Itty Bitty Magic City. The section allows students to experience living in a city!
  • Tuscaloosa Children's Hands-On Museum

    Our visit to the Hands-On Museum is one of the highlights of the year! Students are able to imagine what it would be like to work in a doctor's office, pretend they are a policeman, act like a cowboy or cowgirl, and visit an Indian village--all under one roof!
  • Children's Theatre

    Kindergarten, along with Pre-Kindergarten, has the chance to attend three performances throughout the year. Performances allow students to see a live performance on stage and practice how to be an attentive member of the audience!
Founded in 1950 and located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Advent Episcopal School is a coeducational, college-preparatory day school for students grades Junior Pre-Kindergarten through 8th.