Life in Lower School is pretty fantastic! Students continue to enjoy time with their classmates and primary teachers as well as continue to interact with special subject teachers throughtout their day. From Book Club in the first grade to the second grade play, from penpals in third grade to research papers in fourth grade, our Lower School program continues to build on the foundation from prekindergarten and kindegarten. Students begin to take on more and more responsibility and grow as independent thinkers and leaners! 

With unmatched access to thriving downtown, our Lower School students benefit from having so many incredible educational opportunities just outside our door. The Lower School day is a busy one but continues to emphasize exploration, connection, compassion and community!

Field trips also play a key role in creating an authentic inter-curriculum experience for our students. Understanding more about the world (and city and state!) around them allows our students the opportunity to more deeply understand and apply the concepts they are learning about in the classroom. Our location in the heart of downtown plays a critical role in our ability to expose students in a safe but meaninful way to the amazing resources we have right at our doorstep -- including trips to the Children's Theatre, the Downtown Public Library, the Civil Rights Museum, and the McWane Science Center just to name a few!

Lower School Field Trips

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  • Children's Theatre

    First through fourth grade attend Children’s Theatre four times a year. The children are able to observe the theatre and how it works. This is especially important for the second grade play process. The productions are centered around stories that these classes study at school.

1st Grade

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  • Golden Flake

    The children get to see how products are made, packaged, and delivered to stores around the country. This is the beginning of producer and consumer ideas from their social studies.
  • Huntsville Constitution Village Museum

    Students visit the Constitution Village and participate in a program called Hands On Harvest. 
  • American Village

    Students participate in The First Thanksgiving, begin to understand what the Pilgrims had to go through, and appreciate the role of the Native Americans. This trip complements our Thanksgiving lesson as we lead up to our Pilgrim Play - performed each year by the first grade at our Thanksgiving Chapel Service.
  • Huntsville Boxcar Depot

    A trip to the Huntsville Boxcar Depot is the perfect way to finish off our Boxcar Children book chapter of the year. Students climb and explore actual boxcars, old fire trucks, and old-fashioned cars. They dig deeper into the book series by completing activites and mysteries related to reading and the Boxcar book series.
  • Huntsville Earlywork Museum

    Students participate in a program called Settle Down. They learn more about early settlers and how they lived.

2nd Grade

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  • American Village

    Second grade students attend the American Village in February to celebrate our Presidents. This field trip does a great job talking about George Washington, and how he was our first true leader. They also learn about all of the jobs a president has to undertake. In February, all second grade students are given a president to research which culminates with their President Book report.
  • Camp McDowell

    In May, students get geared up for a day in the sun. At Camp McDowell the children get down and dirty looking for critters in the dirt and in a pond. The counselors do a great job teaching the children the body parts of insects. The children also get to participate in team building games. This is their favorite field trip of the year!
  • DeSoto Caverns

    This first field trip in second grade takes us to DeSoto Caverns. The students learn about caves and other landforms in second grade. The history of the caverns and the landforms ties into their social studies and science curriculum. They also have an opportunity to pan for jewels just like the pioneers did!

3rd Grade

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  • Downtown Public Library

    Each third grade students receives their own public library card. The students walk down to the public library as a class every three weeks to learn how to navigate the public library and check out books!
  • Pickens County Day

    Third grade students visit their pen pals from Pickens Academy in Pickens County at a farm. We learn how people in the rural part of our state live.
  • Pickens County in the Magic City

    Our pen pals visit us. Students go to the McWane Science Center, City Club, and Children’s Theatre. This trip introduces our friends to what is available in the city.
  • 4H Camp

    Students spend a day at the science camp with their pen pals. The outdoor science classes enhance what has been taught at school.
  • Afternoon Tea

    Each year the third grade has a tea party. Prior to the party the children get a lesson on proper etiquette about the history of afternoon tea. The children enjoy tasting different flavors of tea,   sandwiches, fruit, and a variety of pastries. This tea party exemplifies the teaching of the whole child. At Advent we want each child to be well educated academically, spiritually, and socially. This experience helps us reach that goal.

4th Grade

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  • Camp McDowell

    Fourth grade classes attend Camp McDowell Farm School and experience a day on the farm! They will also experience cooking what comes from the garden!
  • Historical Walking Tour

    Fourth Grade gets an introduction to Civil Rights History from a walking tour through downtown Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Huntsville U.S. Space and Rocket Center

    The children spend the day learning about historic space explorations including an authentic Saturn V moon rocket. They will experience a full day of interactive simulators and a hands-on STEM science lab. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
  • Montgomery Capitol Tours

    Alabama State Government-We visit all three branches of government-legislative, judicial, and executive. This field coincides with Chapter 11 in our Alabama History textbook. We visit the Alabama State House and usually are able to visit the Alabama House floor. The process of creating a bill and house districts are explained to the students. They are then given an opportunity to sit in a representative’s desk and vote on mock bills. Alabama Judicial Building-This visit helps our students understand the judicial branch of government. The students tour the building which includes the law library, one of the Court of Appeals (usually the criminal department), and the Alabama Supreme Court chambers, unless there is an active trial or ceremony occurring during our visit. The Alabama Capitol Building-This tour includes a visit to the historic Alabama Senate and House chambers, the rotunda, and a view of the amazing spiral staircase. We are also shown various portraits, artifacts, and rooms that have significant meaning in our state’s history.
  • Moundville

    Advent fourth graders tour Moundville Archaeological Park in the fall of the year when we have studied the history of the Mississippian Indians in the state of Alabama. The museum and park tour provide a hands on experience of the archaeology and history of the Indian culture. The museum has artifacts found on site and the guides share the uses of the tools and significance of the items on display. The students learn why Moundville is one of the most important Indian sites in the history of the state as well as in North America.
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