Kindergarten at Advent is a magical time for young children. In this critically formative year, they enter as caterpillars who end up leaving our program as butterflies. Building upon the strong foundation of each child, the children are engaged daily in strong curriculum, arts, and other enriching activities. The change that happens in kindergarten at Advent is astounding!

A day in the life of a kindergartener at Advent includes a balanced program that teaches literacy by reviewing and addressing phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words, fluency, and comprehension. The children learn these skills throughout the day formally with our adopted reading series and small group instruction, and informally, with read-alouds and other engaging literacy events like the “morning message.”

Writing skills are also learned in kindergarten. As they learn the writing process, they write daily about things that are meaningful to them. Writing in kindergarten may start with writing only beginning sounds, but quickly moves to using invented spelling and writing sentences, even paragraphs, by the end of the school year. The kindergarten classes rotate through learning stations each week where they learn and practice the writing process.

The kindergarten math program is an extension of the math concepts they learned in our Pre-K program which include sorting, patterns, numbers, the calendar, time, measurement, money, addition and subtraction, shapes and problem solving. They learn these concepts in more depth and in such a way that is meaningful in their world.

Throughout the day, children are enriched with science, a study of cultures, swimming, and soccer. Science in kindergarten is always hands-on and open-ended so that each child is truly making sense of the world around them using the scientific method. Through practice, by the end of the year, each child has not only a grasp of what science is, but of what scientists do…and they know that they themselves ARE scientists. A study of cultures is taught as well. The children take a trip around the world, stopping at a different country each week where they learn about that country’s geography, food, music, manner of dress, architecture, and art. Kindergarteners at Advent also attend two swimming lesson sessions and two sessions of soccer lessons.

One special event that is experienced exclusively by kindergarten students is a monthly family activity called Curriculum Share. Parents and other family members are invited to join the kindergarten classes in our Explorium for a time of sharing songs, stories, and routines the children have learned during the month.

Upon spending a year in our kindergarten, children emerge well prepared for first grade and ready to fly as beautiful butterflies!

Kindergarten Field Trips

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  • Tuscaloosa Barnyard

    Kindergarten travels by bus to the Tuscaloosa Barnyard wehre they have the opportunity to pet and feed different farm animals, enjoy pony and boat rides, and a number of other educational opportunities. This is a wonderful hands-on experience with farm animals!
  • Breakfast with Santa

    Students have an opportunity to practice using their best nammers during this "fine dining" breakfast experience. They also have a chance to visit with Santa!
  • French Breakfast

    KIndergarten students have a chance to show off what they have been learning in French class by setting the table themselves, hosting their parents for breakfast, and eating delicious French foods. 
  • Birmingham Zoo

    Kindergarten classes visit the Birmingham Zoo in the spring. Students learn to walk through the Zoo as a group with a partern looking at all different animals! Many of the animals they have learned about during the year but there are always a few new animals to see!
  • McWane Science Center

    This field trips allows students to explore, identify, and use all of their senses. A special section has been built for younger student-the Itty Bitty Magic City. The section allows students to experience living in a city!
  • Tuscaloosa Children's Hands-On Museum

    Our visit to the Hands-On Museum is one of the highlights of the year! Students are able to imagine what it would be like to work in a doctor's office, pretend they are a policeman, act like a cowboy or cowgirl, and visit an Indian village--all under one roof!
  • Children's Theatre

    Kindergarten, along with prekindergarten, has the chance to attend three performances throughout the year. Performances allow students to see a live performance on stage and practice how to be an attentive member of the audience!
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