Financial Aid FAQs

Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions we receive and their answers. If, after reading through these, you find you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at (205) 252-2535.

Financial Aid FAQs

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is Financial Aid?

    The Financial Aid Program supports our goal to have a student community diverse in interests, talents and backgrounds. We seek students who will become active, engaged, caring members of our community of learners. To that end, our financial aid program has been designed to assist families with the cost of tuition.
  • Q. Do I apply for Financial Aid as part of the Application Form?

    Even though the Application Form asks if you will be applying for aid, thefinancial aid application is separate from your admissions application. and is completed online at
  • Q. How do I determine my family contribution?

    Each family’s circumstances are unique, so there is no set formula for how to determine your maximum contribution amount. However, Advent believes it is important that our families understand that their tuition payments directly support the cost of our program and, in fact, that tuition fees alone are not sufficient to support the full cost of the education provided. As such, it is important that every family contribute the maximum amount they can.

    Additionally, each year we have many more qualified applicants than we do financial aid awards, so selection for these awards is highly competitive. In order to stretch our tuition budget across the greatest number of families, we have a limited number of higher percentage awards available. It’s important that you indicate the maximum contribution you can make in order to have the best opportunity for award selection.
  • Q. How are aid awards determined?

    Awards are based on an assessment of a family’s financial picture. Many factors are taken into account, including, but not limited to, the number of children in a family and how many of them attend tuition-paying schools; additional dependents; all sources of income, assets and liabilities; expenses such as mortgage or rent, automobiles, camps and lessons and unreimbursed medical expenses. We attempt to assist as many families as possible.

    Your family must apply for financial aid by submitting an application through Smart Aid ( Awards are based on demonstrated financial need and determined by our Financial Aid Committee. Since each family’s situation is evaluated individually, there is no specific income cutoff.
  • Q. When will I be notified if I received an award?

    You will be notified of your admission and award status at different times. Advent does not review aid applications unless a candidate has completed an offered contract. The contract specifically states that if a candidate has applied for financial aid and the offered award is deemed insufficient by the family and the school is notified in writing before a set amount of time, the contract is nullified.

    Also, returning students' aid applications are generally considered before new students.
  • Q. Is a Financial Aid award automatically renewed each year?

    You must complete a new Financial Aid Application every year. As long as your family’s financial situation does not change drastically and the student stays enrolled, you can generally expect a similar award each year.
  • Q. What if one parent is not financially responsible for the child?

    If the parent is at all involved with the child, we require their financial information.
  • Q. Is the income of non-married partners considered?

    Yes. We look at the total household income, which includes unmarried partners.
  • Q. If I have full custody, does my child's other parent need to fill out the aid application as well?

    Yes. Even if you have full custody of your child, the other parent may have financial obligations. Both custodial and non-custodial parents must complete and submit the financial aid application materials unless we have a court order that states the non-custodial parent has no financial obligations for their child's education.
  • Q. What if there are two households?

    Both households and partners (regardless of marital status) are required to submit their financial information.

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