It's Okay to Just Be Okay

Jennifer Dunn
How are you doing? No really, how are you doing? And before you say, “Fine!”, allow yourself a moment to consider “How am I really doing?”!
Over the last several weeks, our roles as parents has evolved to full-time everything: organizer, teacher, IT support, negotiator, chef, referee, and having to be “on” at all times and the list goes on. We attack each of our new roles with the desire to master it on the first try with very little patience for anything other than perfection. But remember:

It’s okay to be just okay.
It’s okay for your children to see you lose patience.
It’s okay for your children to watch you try more than once.
It’s okay for your children to hear you ask for help.
It’s okay to forget or overlook something important.
It’s okay to need and want more time for yourself.
It’s okay to just be okay.

All of these things are fixable. We tell our children to celebrate their failures when we have difficulty doing the same. Allowing yourself understanding and compassion goes a long way these days. When we say that we are all in this together, this is what it means!

When you feel like you have had enough, reach out to the friend or family member that makes you laugh. Reach out to a good listener. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to just be okay.
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