Notes from The Explorium: Welcome to School!

Advent is committed to fostering a love of reading and exploration in every student. Our Librarian, Rachel Joiner, has created opportunities that will make it easy for every student to participate in Explorium activities, whether they are learning on campus, or learning remotely. Here are a few of updates and resources from the Explorium:


All of our students will have an opportunity to check out books from the library this year. There are two ways for our students who are participating in HYFLEX or our Distance Learning Program to check out books: On a student's scheduled library day, our librarian, Mrs. Rachel Joiner, will show students books through Zoom and they will have the opportunity to select one or more books, then she will take them to the front office where they will be available to pick up. Our online library catalog can also be accessed through PantherNet. 


Our Explorium Resource page, which is located on PantherNet is a great resource, where you will find reading lists, access to the library catalog, online resources, digital storytime, and ways to interact with Mrs. Joiner, who has also started a topic for discussion called “What have you been reading?" This is a fun way to interact with Mrs. Joiner and fellow students.


If you are interested in a book list for you or your student, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Joiner, who enjoys suggesting books to students.  She has already made some this year for middle grade memoirs, mystery books, and books by Indian authors!


Students in grades 5-8 will have the opportunity to participate in book club during activities period each Tuesday at 10 AM.


Our current policy is to keep books in ‘book quarantine” for 2-3 days before re-shelving them to make sure they have adequate time between each check-out. 
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