French Convention - Supérieur!

The 67th annual French Convention highlighting francophone Africa was a joyful and successful experience for Advent’s Eighth grade French Club.
Their skit, Araignée et Hyène (Spider and Hyena), was a nod to Africa’s rich storytelling tradition. The skit earned perfect scores from the judges with one remarking, “I am blown away!” It also received an award for Best Presentation of Traditional Material. The group song, “Emmène-moi!”, (Take me away!), was beautifully performed and was awarded a supérieur ranking with an additional award for creativity.  Anna McCormack received a rare Grand Prix and Best Theatrical Production award for her outstanding Level 1 Individual performance of Les Bêtises.  Ella Robinett’s presentation of the poem Alger earned a supérieur rating and an award for Best Theatrical Production.  Tammy Frieson and Kennedy Tyson’s duet, C’est déjà ça!, earned a très bien awardCaroline Beisher(supérieur) and Emme Elgin(très bien)  earned awards for their extemporaneous reading, and Kennedy Tyson received a Bien on the Level 2 written test.

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