The lineage of unqualified student success goes all the way back to the school's founding in 1950. The Advent Academic Advantage is both measurable and tangible. Standardized test scores are amongst the highest in the nation, and in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, Advent was awarded the AISA President's Award, recognizing us as the highest performing independent K-8 school in the state. Stories abound from our parents, our students, and the schools that actively recruit our graduates. The one common and unifying theme is that Advent students are superbly well prepared to tackle the most challenging high schools, either independent, boarding, or public.


Advent students:
  • learn to think critically
  • seek answers to the questions that excite them
  • investigate the wide world of ideas
  • master the skills of learning
  • explore meaning within and beyond themselves
  • seek to understand the sacred
  • always try to better themselves


Advent students:
  • design and apply solutions using critical thinking
  • acknowledge there may be multiple solutions
  • nurture their imagination
  • respond constructively to setbacks
  • derive meaning from their experiences
  • adapt to a changing world


Advent students:
  • collaborate with others
  • communicate effectively using multiple methods
  • recognize and respect perspectives beyond their own
  • create ideas from various disciplines and areas of life
  • take responsibility for their actions in relation to others
  • nurture their relationship with the world around them


Advent students:
  • act with courage and with compassion
  • value and embrace diversity
  • care for others as themselves
  • work for justice and peace
  • build local and global communities
  • respect the dignity of every person
  • act sustainably
Founded in 1950 and located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Advent Episcopal School is a coeducational, college-preparatory day school for students grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th.