Tuition & Fees

We recognize that an Advent education is a significant investment in your child's education. Advent works hard to ensure that this foundational and transformative educational experience is a reality for all qualified applicants. There are several options we offer to assist families.

Tuition payments can be made in single, bi-annual, and monthly installments. Additionally, we offer tuition assistance to families that demonstrate financial need. The details regarding the tuition assistance application process can be found on the "Apply for Aid" page.

Junior Pre-Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten - $13,250
Kindergarten—8th Grade - $14,800
Second Sibling
5% Discount on Tuition
Third or More Siblings
10% Discount on Tuition

Current Families
$400 per student after February 18th
* Waived if received before February 18th
New Families
1st child = $500
2nd child = $450
3rd or more child(ren) = $400

Activities are an integral part of each grade’s curriculum. The activity fees cover the cost of additional supplies and expenses that occur throughout the year including, but not limited to, field trips, French, art, computer, STEM, crafts, special events, t-shirts, and yearbook. These activities are carefully planned to supplement the curriculum as well as match the age and maturity level of each grade.
Activity fees will be billed in the same manner selected for tuition billings:

JPK-K               $550
1st - 5th             $600
6th - 8th             $800

Smart Tuition is Advent's provider for billing and remittance of payments. Smart Tuition offers several payment methods, which are due by the 1st of each month. Late payments will be assessed a late fee of $60. Payments are considered late if received after the 5th of each month. A $35 processing fee will be added to accounts for checks submitted to the school for payment on student accounts.
EARLY BIRD - optional

Students in JPK and PK can select an early bird option for morning half-day enrollment. The early bird enrollment tuition is $9,600.

JPK and PK                                $ 543.25
Kindergarten- 8th grade              $ 606.80

Tuition refund insurance is available for purchase with Dewar at the time of contract submission or a later date as long as the written intent to purchase and payment of the premium is received by the school before July 1st. Information regarding coverage is available on PantherNet.

12-Month Enrollment Option- optional

The 12-Month Enrollment Option provides families with a combination of traditional academic day as well as AfterCare, Holiday Camp and 2022 ADVENTure Summer Day Camp at a discounted rate. Holiday Camp offers activities over most school holidays; however, it is only offered to students who enroll in the 12-Month Enrollment Option. Please note that if the 12-Month Enrollment Option is selected, the full discounted amount for AfterCare, Holiday Camp and 2022 ADVENTure Summer Day Camp will be due to the school and there is no ability to opt out. Students are eligible to participate in the 2022 ADVENTure Summer Day Camp without being enrolled in the 12-Month Enrollment Option.

Fee 12-Month Option Regular
AfterCare $2,400 $2,880
ADVENTure Camp $2,000 $2,440
Holiday Camp $600 Not Available

AFTER-CARE – optional

Annual: $2,860
12-Month Enrollment Option*: $2,400
Hourly: $13

The 12-Month Enrollment Option and Annual plan are billed on the same schedule as the selected tuition payment plan. The hourly after-care charges are billed on a bi-weekly basis in arrears. Please note that if the 12 Month or Annual option is selected, the full amount will be due to the school and there is no ability to opt out. There will be a charge of $10 per 5 minutes for any child who is picked up after AfterCare hours end. Morning Care is included in Tuition.
LUNCH - optional

Grade Annual Monthly Daily
JPK—3rd Grade $1,050 $120 $8
4th—8th Grade $1,150 $130 $8

The Annual plan is billed on the same schedule as the selected tuition payment plan. The Monthly lunch plan is billed monthly. Daily lunch funds should be deposited using (please refer to instructions on PantherNet). Daily lunch will not be provided unless there are sufficient funds in the account. Please note that if the Annual option is selected, the full amount will be due to the school and there is no ability to opt out. If enrolled in the Monthly option, any change to enrollment status in the lunch plan must be received by the 10th of the month preceding the month in which the change should be effective.
*Please note that the 12-Month Enrollment Option automatically contractually commits your student to AfterCare, Holiday Camp, and 2022 ADVENTure Summer Day Camp. 

The following dates are covered Holiday Camp dates for students on the 12-month enrollment plan for the 2022-2023 school year:
Oct 7 and 10 - Fall Break 
Nov 21 and 22 - Thanksgiving Break 
Dec 19 and 20 / Dec 27 - 30 - Christmas Break 
Feb 20 - Presidents Day 
Mar 27 - 31 - Spring Break 
Apr 10 - Easter Monday
Founded in 1950 and located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Advent Episcopal School is a coeducational, college-preparatory day school for students grades Junior Pre-Kindergarten through 8th.